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This website, www.veltioclinic.com is the official website of Veltio, hereinafter referred to as the Veltio Clinic, developed to provide an information platform on the services offered by the Veltio Clinic, as well as to provide access to simple and quick access to personal and cognitive development services by our users, through the online programming platform available on our website. By confirming access to this website, materials, and information presented on it confirm you have read, understood, accepted, and agreed to the following terms and conditions.

Ownership of the website www.veltioclinic.com and other intellectual property rights

The entire content of the Veltio Clinic website is protected by copyright law, all rights reserved. This site is owned and maintained by Veltio Clinic. Unless otherwise stated, all intellectual property rights (including copyright and database rights) in trademarks, service marks, logos, and all other materials presented on this site belong to Veltio Clinic.

Veltio Clinic reserves all rights to the above and will exercise these rights when necessary, always respecting the limits permitted by law. Nothing in this site constitutes a license or right to use any image, trademark, service mark, logo, or other materials presented on the site by any person. Reproduction, distribution, or publication of materials on the site by anyone without the prior written consent of Veltio Clinic is prohibited.

Downloading or copying the material from this website does not transfer the rights for copywriting to the person concerned. The rights holder for the materials on this website implies a violation of the copyright held by Veltio Clinic on the website www.veltioclinic.com. Any data transmitted to this website becomes the property of Veltio Clinic and may be used by Veltio Clinic for any purpose if it falls within the limits of the law and the code of ethics. As a user of this page, you have the responsibility to comply with all applicable laws and regulations.

If you contract one of our services, please review the information below:

Veltio clinic services and their provision

Clearly defining the rights and responsibilities of each person involved in the service facility by Veltio Clinic helps to create a framework that gives you the security you need to address the challenges you face and the power to make the best decisions about the changes you want , for which you seek and seek the help of the Veltio Clinic.

Our team consists of experienced specialists with proven results in specializations such as clinical psychology, psychological counseling, psychotherapy, behavioral therapy, speech therapy, and sensory therapy. Following the initial evaluation, you will receive personalized recommendations, and be directed to the appropriate specialists from our team who can successfully assist you on issues related to their competence.

As a client who asks us for help, you have certain rights. There are also some limitations of your rights that you should be aware of. As specialists who work according to a comprehensive code of ethics and conduct, we also have several responsibilities towards you.

We reserve the right to discuss with other specialists specific issues related to your assistance and build a personalized service facilitation plan as efficiently as possible. We may discuss this with another specialist without your permission, but we will only do so in the emergency cases explained below.

We will always take care to protect your privacy even if you give us written permission to disclose information about you. We will not share more information than is necessary, even with your consent, but only the specific information to assist you successfully. You can direct us to share information about you with anyone you want. At the same time, you can change your mind and revoke this permission at any time. You can ask anyone you want to attend the meetings set up with the Veltio Clinic with you, as long as you feel that this can benefit you. The only condition is to let us know in advance to prepare us to assist you properly.

Except for a few special situations, which we will describe below, we will respect your absolute right to data privacy, and we will not disclose any information about you without your prior written consent. The following are legal exceptions to your right to privacy. We will inform you of any time we deem it necessary to implement them.

1. If we have good reason to believe that you are harming yourself or another person. We will try to inform that person and let them know your intentions. We must also contact the police and the competent authorities and ask them to protect the victim you are targeting.

2. If we have reasonable grounds to believe that you are neglecting the people you care for and for whom you have asked us for help if you are abusing a vulnerable person or if you are giving us information about another person who is doing so. In this situation, we will notify the bodies responsible for these cases.

3. We believe that there is an imminent risk of harm on your own, at which point we will act accordingly to protect you.

We will schedule our meetings with you on a date and time selected and agreed with a representative of Veltio Clinic. In the case of payments made online by card, the paid service is available immediately upon payment confirmation.

Only adults over the age of 18 can schedule their sessions directly. Otherwise, it is necessary to confirm the appointment with the parents.

Other rights:

You have the right to ask questions about anything that happens during our meetings. We are always willing to discuss how and why we decided to do what we do and look for alternatives that could be more effective. Feel free to suggest anything else that you think might be helpful, and we reserve the right to refuse your suggestions if they do not comply with our principles and/or code of ethics. You can ask us about our training about the issues for which you are requesting our assistance, and you may ask us to refer you to another specialist if you decide that we are not suitable for you. You have the right to cancel our services at any time, provided you comply with the terms and conditions.

 The professional relationship between the client and the specialist, although it is based on our expertise and objectivity, also involves a personal component, especially given the nature of the professional relationship. To have positive, measurable results and a continuous evolution during the therapeutic process, some “ingredients” are needed: our professional training, your motivation, and availability to follow the steps of the therapy program, and last but not least, client-specialist compatibility. In the absence of any of these “ingredients”, our efforts may prove to have a lower impact than expected or may even lead to the inefficiency of the therapy program. Thus, we reserve the right to decide to start/continue collaboration with you only if these three exist at the optimal level.

The specialist does not have the legal responsibility for the client’s actions and does not have the obligation to assist or represent him in court as a result of assisting in the process of personal and cognitive development.

Cancellation schedules and policies

Both you and I must respect the appointments made.

If you are late, we will close the meeting as scheduled and we will not be able to exceed the time allotted for the meeting. Making the appointment without canceling it in advance (at least 24 hours in advance) leads to the creation of an obligation on your part to pay in full for the scheduled meeting and as far as I am concerned the obligation to offer you an additional meeting.

If you do not show up for two consecutive meetings and do not respond to my rescheduling attempts, I will assume that you have waived the opportunity to attend and will use the time allotted to our meetings with another client.

When we pick you up, we will set together (usually after an initial evaluation process) a frequency of our meetings that is best for you. Please respect the default frequency of meetings and avoid canceling them. Frequent cancellation of sessions can lead to considerably poor results in the therapy process, which is contrary to our view of how we take the therapeutic process on both sides. Therefore, we can accept a maximum cancellation of a meeting/month, with the recommendation to let us know as early as possible and, if possible, to reschedule so that we can follow the default schedule together.

Methods of payment and delivery of services

Payment for the services we offer can be made by bank transfer, regardless of the location where the personal and cognitive development services are provided by the Veltio Clinic.

Service delivery locations:

The services you need will be provided at one of our offices:

1. Sos. Grozăvești no. 54F, ap.1 et.1 Sector 6, Bucharest

2. IC Brătianu Blvd., no. 44 bis, block P7, SC. 1, et. 2, 4 C intercom

or online via streaming platforms (e.g. Zoom, Google Meet, Skype, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Microsoft Teams, etc.)

In case of using such web links or links, the general terms and conditions of use applicable to those sites shall apply. Veltio Clinic cannot guarantee/control the actuality/accuracy of the information present on the websites of third parties, to which they refer on such websites.

Technical limitations of the services

The administrator does not assume any responsibility in case the services on the website cannot be accessed by the users, for an unlimited period, for any technical or commercial reasons.


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